Have you got enough cash in your Personal Training Business?

This revenue forecasting template and guide can help you visualise and plan your cash flow for the year.

This template and accompaniment guide is the perfect planning tool you can use to: 

    • Understand and see where the cash is flowing in your PT business
    • Keep track of your income and expenses on a month-to-month basis
    • Accurately predict your monthly and annual revenue
    • Strike the perfect balance between operating expenses and income
    • Foresee potential financial slow patches and get ahead of them

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What can you do with this revenue forecasting template?

The template records the money flowing in and out of your business and automatically calculates net revenue over the forecast period. Here's how you can use it to financially secure your Personal Training Business


Understand your income

Get an idea of your regular sales figures and any additional income flowing in every month.


Understand your expenses

Compare your income with cash flowing out. This includes direct costs as well as any monthly overheads.


Forecast overall revenue

Automatically calculate your cash flow on a month-to-month and total basis for the forecast period.


Answer ‘what if?’ questions

Plan ahead by evaluating how your cash flow may be impacted by future financial decisions.


Financial Fitness for your Personal Training Business!

Forecasting business revenue and expenses is like taking a picture of your business bank account over time. Whether you’re just starting out, or your Personal Training Business is already up and running, keeping track of your cash flow and learning how to predict it accurately is essential for Personal Trainers. 

Download this revenue forecasting template and guide to help you develop a sustainable operational plan for a successful Personal Training Business.


Download the template and guide now

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