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Learn how to:

  • Create compelling discount offers
  • Build a social media following
  • Get eyes and opens on your email campaigns

Plus, get a FREE ready-to-go social media posting template as well as tips on social media best practices!

An eGuide for Every Area of Marketing

We've broken down our tips and tricks based on what you're looking for — whether that’s crafting an email or creating the perfect social media post. Here’s what you’ll get:

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  • How to Create a Compelling Offer - You see them everywhere: New Year PT deals, offers and ads. Learn how you can beat the competition and stand out with an offer that cuts through the clutter.
  • How to Build a Social Media Following - Gaining an audience on social media isn't easy—but we have gathered our best tips to help you step up your social game and grow your audience.
  • How to Land in an Email Inbox - Emails can be an incredible tool for revenue—but only if your audience opens them. Here’s how to craft emails for more click-throughs and opens.

How is This Playbook Helpful?

The fitness industry is full of noise in and around the new year as current and prospective clients are bombarded with healthy lifestyle messages. But with this guide, you can brace yourself with new strategies and tactics to keep them engaged.

Now more than ever, you want to make sure prospective clients have a compelling reason to choose you as their trainer along their fitness journey. With the help of our playbook, you'll not only keep up with your competition but out-pace them, too. Happy reading!

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