This checklist is the ultimate guide to building out your Personal Training client base

Bookmark, download and save it to give your health and fitness business a boost and grow your lead generation efforts

This checklist is the perfect tool you can use to: 

    • Figure out if you're on the right track when it comes to growing your Personal Training business. 
    • Assess if your website and social platforms are well-equipped to bring in new prospects. 
    • Check if your online marketing efforts complement your offline activity. 
    • Determine whether the leads you gather have a frictionless experience throughout their journey. 
    • Make sure that your Fitness Business is prepared to scale and expand with ease. 

Once you've completed this checklist and established your base, check out this growth strategy for your PT business. 

What's inside?

This checklist is divided into four sections that focus on the most important elements of an effective and well-rounded lead generation strategy



Have you identified and defined your target audience? The better you understand your niche, the more prepared you are to corner it!



Now that you know whom you're talking to, how do you draw them in? We've got some great ideas you can use to build up your lead gen magnet.



What are you doing to develop your relationship with your prospects? Providing the right information at the right time is the key to nurturing leads along their journey.



How equipped are you to retain the clients you bring on? This section ensures that your marketing efforts come full circle so you can focus on growing your business.


Business growth is just like physical improvement – you must do the preparation and the work to get the results. Winning more clients is linked directly to the number of leads flowing in. This checklist is a great tool to give your business development efforts a much-needed workout.


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The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Personal Training Business (3)-min