A plan for the PT who means business. 

Get the foundations right with a solid business plan

A successful personal training business takes determination and a plan that takes into account all the nuts and bolts to make it a financial success.

We've seen many talented PTs unable to achieve their full business potential for the lack of a robust plan.

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Here is an eBook that walks you through the basics of what should go into your business plan:
  • When you actually start making money - calculating the break even point
  • Defining your PT services
  • Marketing strategy and a financial plan
  • Writing a business plan

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#1 Can you afford to start?

Before you even start your business plan, you need to work out if becoming a personal trainer is financially viable.

This is really just about crunching the numbers. In other
words, it’s important to work out if you’ll be able to make money from becoming a personal trainer before you borrow money, commit your savings and quit your job.

#2 The nuts and bolts of your business plan

This is where we get into the basic, fundamental aspects of your business plan. What you’re looking to do here is outline what your personal training business does, and details on how you’re planning to achieve your goals and objectives. 

The main sections that should be included in your plan are:

  • A business overview
  • Your personal training services
  • Marketing strategy
  • A financial plan

#3 Writing your business plan

What you want to do is keep your plan short and sweet. If you overload it with detail or make it too long, it’ll become cumbersome and difficult to follow – thus defeating the purpose.

The process of writing your plan will help you focus, crystallise your ideas and identify priorities, saving both time and effort.


#4 What's next?

Once you’ve got your plan, you need to be able to execute it as effectively as possible. Make sure to check out how a business plan can help you grow your PT business. 

A successful personal training business is one that starts based on a solid business plan. It’s the architecture you base your business on, and a tool to make sure you’re on track. You wouldn’t build a house without a building plan, and it’s the same for your business.

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