A Guide to Making Your Website as Fit as Possible

In this eBook, we outline tips that are proven to optimize your PT website, so that you can develop an on-going fitness plan that will help convert visitors into clients. 

10 Ways to Bulk Up Your PT Website - Cover page

Discover how to:

  • Leverage SEO to drive more traffic to your website
  • CTAs that will give your visitors exercise
  • Make your website easy to navigate
  • Make the most of multimedia
  • Showcase your success stories
  • Get your website and social media working together
  • Keep your content constantly working out
  • Create a brand story
  • Exercise the Google advantage
  • Make technology work for you

What's inside?

Why your website is the central hub for your PT business

 fitness websites

Great website examples

See how others are optimizing their websites

Website Fitness

Fitness for your website

A look at key things you should be doing to keep your website optimized

infographic example of using videos

Adding useful content

How adding online content and resources can help boost your online presence

Going Digital

Increasing your digital presence

Why your digital self needs to be as fit as your physical self

Your website is the central hub of your business, not a brochure for it. It's the center of your marketing mix and as such, needs to be kept as fit as possible.

10 Ways to Bulk Up Your PT Website - Cover page

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